Song Review: Na Your Love - FEAL

First impressions matter. So do debut singles. Femi Dexter Alade a.k.a Feal in his debut single "Na Your Love" makes a great first impression. All the more interesting when you learn that he wrote and composed the song himself. This is evidently a result of his extensive experience as a vocal coach and an instrumentalist. Na Your Love was produced by the talented Soulkeys. 

1. Intro
The "ta-da, ta-ra" sound quickly sets the tone of the song, alongside the percussion instruments that are distinctly African.  It is easy to start nodding to the beat,  even before the vocals come up.

2. Songwriting/Lyrics
Positive communication is a plus here.  Beyond just being a well-meaning song of praise to God, it is clear Feal took his time to write a song with a classic call-and-response style reminiscent of Fela's songs. His easy-to-remember hooks and refrains add spice to the whole mix. Nice.

3. Instruments
The drums and other percussion instruments set a steady tempo that's punctuated in the right places by the harmonizing strains of a piano and a sax (or trumpet, not too sure which one it is again. Maybe when you listen you can confirm which one it is...sax or trumpet?)

4. Vocals
Feal's rich voice complements the song quite nicely, especially when it gets to his favourite part of the song. Nah, I won't tell you what part. You've just gotta listen to the song to know okay? The harmony between the back-up vocals was quite cool.

5. Mixing
Yeah, this is where I felt the song sounded a bit raw, especially at the "ta-da" parts. It was like there just wasn't enough bass, or the sound wasn't rounded out and smoothed out enough. Maybe a bit more mixing would have helped. Anyway that doesn't take away from the overall appeal of the song.

6. End
Now this is where some artists just miss it, allowing the song to become monotonous,  and as the song goes on and on, all you remember is what a drag it has been. You'll even be begging the song to stop na! This mostly happens when the artist has run out of what to sing.
This is not at all the issue with "Na Your Love". In fact,  this is part of the reason the song doesn't sound like a debut to me. And trust me, I can tell a debut when I hear one,  especially those ones written in a rush in a quick bid to hit it big. More about that on another post, biko.
Feal made sure that with this song it's easy to sit and listen to the whole track from start to finish. Thumbs up!
So here goes, let's hear what you think about Feal's debut. You can download it from .
Connect with Feal on Twitter @Feal77, on FB B'femi Alade Feal,  and on IG @feal_dexter.

Cheers y'all. One love.