Gospel and Music: business or hobby?

Hey! Ça fait longtemps! Excuse my French, I'm just super excited I've got some time out to post after un très longtemps! Oops, French again! This just goes to show I've really missed you guys!
Being busy didn't mean I forgot y'all,  in fact I've got something quite interesting from talented and blessed Christian recording hip-hop artist Rapsodee (yeah the one who just said 'I do' to one pretty damsel some weeks ago ☺)
He calls this one Prodigal Sons. I call it The Reality Check. I won't say much, Imma just let you go ahead and read up:
#Prodigal Sons
Do u remember dat slim guy who plays d keyboard every sunday and midweek service in church? Well..he's gone secular. I saw him singing in a music video recently surrounded by some half-naked chicks.. Yep.. He's really done it this time!  How about that choir girl? The one with the  piercing soprano voice.. Yea.. She sef don switch sides..My homie was at her album listening party at Quilox the other day..She just signed with a big label..yea.. Her songs,man...smh..na jaiye jaiye tinz o..lol.. Sounds familiar? Doesnt it?.. Word gets around real fast.. Then the akward question: why did they go 'secular'?
Some blame the Church..They dont support artistes! They only care about church activities and increasing their member base.. They dont encourage talent..They dont pay musicians well.. Bla bla bla
Others blame the artiste.. They were not genuine believers in the first place.. They love the pleasures of the world too much..They sold their soul to the devil.. They were not patient enough.. Yada yada yada..
But every side has a story.. Do u know what it takes to run a church? Most churches run by faith..The bigger the church the bigger the bills..and of course every church has its primary goals and objectives which determines its priority list in allocating resources..
As for the artiste..Have u tried on their shoes? Seen how they fit?  U have a secular job or business you are involved in during the week..Music is all they have ever done for a living... Do u know what it takes to be that musician who is always in church on sundays and weekdays blessing you with his or her talent for free while struggling with financial burdens and unrealized dreams.  You probably just give em a pat on the back after service and say 'wow, i was blessed' then u walk away and return to your profitable job.
Next time u feel like pointing accusing fingers.. Ask what you as a person have done for the gospel music industry? Before u throw stones at the prodigal son,  ask yourself who was more prodigal; the younger brother who went 'secular' or the older brother who stayed in the church but did nothing for the industry.
We need more christian businessmen who will invest in our young people. We dont need your handouts..You are not doing us a favour. We guarantee your money back with interest! We need more christian labels.. More managers.. More talent scouts.. More everything. Dont just sit there and point fingers.. Do something!
So...what do you think? Let's hear you out...