GTBank 737 Moments - The Music Video

Whatever you do, wherever you are, there is an easy way for everyone, and it all begins with 737. 
Simple Banking for Every Nigerian. GTBank.

'Eskis' me...this is not a sponsored post. 

Let me repeat myself. GTBank is not paying me 'wan kobo' for this post...

...but mehn...I'm tripping for the entire concept joor! It's too clean, too correct! 

Well done GTBank...that's why I love you guys. 

On a more serious note though, this is how a great brand should work. GTBank is a youth-centric bank, full of energy and trendy style. You get every iota of that when you watch this music video promoting their 737 mobile money transfer solution. 

A brand should resonate with its target audience, and beyond that, should feel like part of the community. That's exactly what they've done here, by using everyday people, instead of popular celebrity faces, yet still maintaining the excellence that we have gotten to experience with GTBank. 

Well done guys!